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Parting after the page make-up in the east

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The SENSE, which can be expressed, / is not the eternal SENSE.

The name, which can be called, / is not the eternal name. /

" I call Nichtsein " the start of sky and earth.

" its " I call the nut/mother of the single natures.

Therefore the direction toward Nichtsein / for looking leads

the marvelous nature, / the direction toward its

to looking the spatial limitnesses.


(Laotse, TAO width unit KING)













I passed future. Introduction to a new status after 1989



II consciousness splitting. Of the illness of the heading _ _ during the dictatorship

III the new foreigner 1: Home coming in nowhere



IV the new foreigner 2: An eastern metropolis. Chaos and _ danger in a post office-communist country.



V and again " speaks the blood ". Experiences with _ the cooking people soul at the hot boundary Transsylvaniens _



VI return abroad, where I at home am.



VII the attack of the remaining time on the present. Or _ _ Sarajewo is everywhere.



VIII east-west traumas and the chances: Pain as it driving gain

IX experiences with the totalitarian soul in two dictatorships






I Siebenbuergi Elegien



II writing as posthumes life. Romania-German Lyrik of the nineties

III identity and emigration

IV to the cause research of the today's status on the inside and outside no man's land of the homeland loss: Time fields 1940-1945. The inferno of the displacement



V in one hour become you you again-long. Discussion with the siebenbuergischen Auschwitzapotheker Dr. Victor Capesius



VI the literature of the city Schaessburg in filter defiency guarantees



VII of the inability too trauern. Comments and letters



VIII no, not all failed: Hitler, a mono log over the favourite book of the Germans



IX breaks, whose consequences are still for a long time not over



X over Sprachsekpsis, picture prohibition and the term time



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Das slogan of Laotse over " Nichtsein " as reason of the world is situated now in the wahrsten sense of the word: SO CLOSE, and is nevertheless also LIKE THAT OTHER; the description of " homeland " today moves in this difficult Umkreises of a term, which does not come up any longer, comes up exactly us only that this proximity and distance are at the same time a pair of terms, which always already belonged into areas of detecting, and that in it lives and detecting, experience and thinking meet; to those, which live homeland in the foreigner and, as one says so beautifully, only in the heart have, this would apply and would be even a gift and a gain; there is the " chances of the loss ", also the homeland loss, the soil loss, which can be like a suction, lifelong occupation with a dear history, which persists, because the object of this love was always lost completely in the unattainable distance.

In the meantime this older status of former refugees and evacuating, of East German and southeast Germans, in a new historical status is outdated and at the same time intensified: It is now a final parting from old Heimaten and illusions, which still possible the cold war had made, in which one more vaguely, than clearly, such a thing meant to live like a provisional status, for that perhaps with a home coming (who knows when!) to end could. From the new parting ability today perhaps now a riper life develops, and the disappointments only make realism and estimation by sight possible, in order to place itself without illusions and false hopes and with a healthy portion of skepticism the demands of the daily in its western or now since 1989 quite new eastern life environment. In the east a Imperium is and is its dictatorships pleases, in the west becomes the absence of this enemy, who determined the most diverse in ways of everything that was thought and concerned as politically apparent.

The comfortable bracket of the two systems and their cold war does not give it any longer to be thus learned and what is real, place themselves to reorient one's opinion it is, as if now history is again in motion guessed/advised, and concomitantly the enormous difficulties!


The author of this book exposed its own life and to be I writing to this racing time since 89, observing itself. This was always already a legitimate procedure of literature; today however this self reflection from the insight occurs that the rushing into time with its unbelievable events each conception, fantasy and fiction overhauled and exceeded, which seems to be only secured place of orientation the everyday observation and introspection; as better in changing mirrors,: a water level still recognizable in flowing, showed up somewhat from that *** TRANSLATION ENDS HERE ***