Biographic information

The poet and private scholar Dieter Schlesak, born in Schaessburg

(Siebenbuergen/Transsylvanien), people school teacher was in

Filter defiency guarantee, studied Germanistik, operated as an editor

The magazine " new literature " in Bucharest. It debuetierte

As poets still in its homeland (" border strip ", 1968).

it moved to l969 into the Federal Republic, where it one year later

" visas. East west lessons " 1970 with S. Fischer in Frankfurt


Since then numerous poem books appeared (among other things " white ones Area ", 81; " rearing up. Poems and an essay ", 90, all

Rowohlt); 1997: " landlong " with the edition Galrev in Berlin l997; 1986

That novel appeared " Native country days and the art of the

Disappearing " with Benziger in Switzerland.

Schlesak wrote radio plays, radio work, work to the topics:

Meditation. Parapsychology, psychiatry, wrote Bildmeditationen

Over the reconditioned Sixtini chapel (3 tapes of one

Art print documentation), essays and Prosa over the time turn

1989/90: " if the things from the name fall " with Rowohlt (

1991). In the autumn 1994 "standing I in current time " -

synoptic diary of the years 89-94 with Reclam Leipzig.

Schlesak received several prices (among other things " Gryphius Foerderpreis,

Price of Kuenstlergilde, Lenau price)

And scholarships (German literature fund, academy lock

Solitude), it is member of the German P.E.N center.


Language is actually the only house, which I have.

The language lights up to me home... " This response gives

Dieter Schlesak on the question about it, as it with the break

Between homesickness and foreign its finished

Become... trespass beyond the border

Between absence and other presence...

Christina Weiss in the " South German newspaper ".

Detailed self biography and further literature

Self biography and literature


Since Goethe and Jean Pauls times belongs to Schlesak

to the most impressing

Dream storytellers. Holger Jerkius, Nuernberger newspaper



The new Anthologie

Romanian present poetry

Dieter Schlesaks collection is a poetic

Adventure of first rank. It deletes a white

Mark on the map of the poetry. A collection,

itself also like internal history the one

Country reads, without which one the common hardly

to understand can.

Hans Juergen Schmitt

In the South German newspaper

The Anthologie " dangerous zigzags "

Is translated of over thirty Romania-German poets

(under it Oskar Pastor, Werner Soellner, Franz Hodjak, Klaus Hensel,

Rolf Bossert, Anemone Latzina, Gerhardt Csejka, William Totok)




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Romanian present poetry


Dangerous zigzags 1.Part 1

Dangerous zigzags 2Part 2 

Dangerous zigzags  Part 3

Dangerous zigzags   Part 4


postfata (în limba româna)



 Contact information:: Dieter Schlesak, Tel./fax 0039 584 951214;

I-55041 Camaiore, Pieve 327, Tuskany, Italy

email: schlesak.birk@pandora. caen.it


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